I carry scarves of silk, rayon and wool in various sizes. I print on clothing that is up- cycled from thrift stores in various sizes. All the work is one of a kind, hand printed and dyed by me.

One thing I noticed with my website is that it does NOT change an item to sold. I have to do that myself. I will try to do this as quickly as I can but it is very possible that 2 people can buy the same item (in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping and don't notice!). Because everything is one of a kind, I will contact the 2nd buyer and refund the money to you. I'm sorry for this clunky aspect to my website!

*SHIPPING is added when you click on the Buy Here button. Shipping costs are between $3 for a small scarf/ baby clothing up to $10 for a shirt. I will try to ship your purchase within 3 days. If you are local and would like curbside pick up then contact me first before you buy!

*SALES TAX will also be added when you click on the Buy Here button.

*All sales are final please!

This is a constant work in progress and I will streamline it as I learn more. You may want to contact me first if you have any questions. This is a new thing for me and I hope it works smoothly

Please contact me here juliefriedman or go to instagram or facebook to see other images of what I have in older stock that is not yet added to the website. If you want another picture of the item or measurements please do not hesitate to contact me.

I do commissions! Bring me a piece of clothing and I will create an eco print on it. Bring me flowers and leaves from a special centerpiece, funeral arrangement or your garden and I will print it on a scarf, make a wall hanging or special piece of clothing for you.

The colors and prints in these fabrics come from natural dyes found in local plants, vegetables and flowers. The plants are layered onto the natural fabrics, (silk, wool, cotton and linen) rolled onto a copper pipe and tightly bound with twine. The bundles are then steamed in my turkey roaster. This process creates a permanently transferred pigment from the plant material onto the cloth. No inks or paints are used.

Botanical or Eco printing combines the historical methods used in natural dyeing with contact print techniques. The results are stunning plant portraits captured on fabric and paper. My love of nature makes me conscious of keeping the process as gentle on the environment as I can. Plant material is composted after use.