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Eco Printing
Eco Printed Scarves
The colors and prints in these fabrics come from natural dyes found in local plants, vegetables and flowers. The plants are layered onto the natural fabrics (silk, wool, cotton and linen) bundled and tightly bound with twine. The bundles are then steamed or simmered for several hours in my turkey roaster. This process creates a permanently transferred pigment from the plant material onto the cloth. No synthetic dyes, inks or paints are used.

There can be up to 6 steps involved in completing a piece of art.
Scour the fabric to prepare for dyeing
Mordant with iron, alum, or copper
Pre-dye fabric
Print with plant material- steam or simmer
Post dye fabric
Wash and iron

Botanical or Eco printing combines the historical methods used in natural dyeing with contact print techniques. The results are stunning plant portraits captured on fabric and paper. My love of nature makes me conscious of keeping the process as gentle on the environment as I can.
Plant material is composted after use.